Enchanted Castle

Amusement park in the United States

Enchanted Castle
Lombard, Illinois, USA
Status Operating
Opened 1983
Website https://enchanted.com/

Enchanted Castle is a family entertainment center in Lombard, Illinois, USA.


The center was opened in 1983 by Harold Skripsky. Skripsky sold the business to Discovery Zone in December 1993, but purchased it again in February 1996.[1] In 1997, it was sold to Ogden Entertainment.[2] In 2002, it was sold to Trails Entertainment Group, who also operate Haunted Trails Burbank and Haunted Trails Joliet.[3]

Defunct roller coaster

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Dragon Coaster Wisdom Rides Kiddie 2002 February 2006 Haunted Trails


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