Forest Train

Powered coaster
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Forest Train
Location Sahara Center, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Status Operating since 20 February 2002
Height restriction 95 cm (with adult) 107 cm (alone)
Manufacturer Zamperla
Product Custom Powered Coaster
Type Steel - Indoor - Family
Riders per train 24
Inversions 0

Forest Train is a roller coaster in Adventureland, UAE. This Zamperla powered coaster opened on February 20, 2002, containing 2 laps. The ride was known as Adventure Train until 2013.

Ride experience

The ride begins with a tiny drop to the right then makes a U-turn to the left, upwards. Then it turns left and exit's Adventureland, where rides can see the food court. After going forward for a few seconds, it does a big turn to the right, making it a little faster. Then it makes a U-turn to the left, going a little faster again. Then the ride turns left again, heading them back to Adventureland. The ride makes a slight drop to the right, then turns left, downwards. Reaching it's maximum speed of 7-10 km/h, the ride goes downwards to the left then to the right, heading them back to the station. The same process repeats on the second lap, but a sudden stop happens after the final right turn to the station.


Operates with single train. The train has 6 cars, with 4 seats per train,giving a max of 24 rides per train. The trains are designed to look like steam trains, like in the video above.

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