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In this guide, I will take you through the creation of a roller coaster article.



This is the Beech Bend article, and I've found a red link. I'm going to click on the "Kentucky Rumbler" link and create the article.


The source editor will open. Switch to the visual editor by clicking on the pencil icon at the top-right of the editor.

Inserting the infobox


I'm now in the visual editor and ready to write the article. Coasterpedia articles are made up of components called templates, and I'm going to demonstrate how to add one here. Coasterpedia has a template called Infobox roller coaster, let's add it to our article.


In the popup window, search for the template using its name, "Infobox roller coaster".


Click "Add more information" to view all the available parameters for this template.


Click on any parameter name to fill it out! The table below illustrates how I've filled it out for the Kentucky Rumbler page. As this roller coaster is in the United States, I've used imperial units. All other roller coaster articles should use metric. Double square brackets [[like this]] are wikicode, and produce wikilinks.

Parameter name Content
Video ID MHwW-2toY6E
Name Kentucky Rumbler
Status operating
Country USA
State Kentucky
Park [[Beech Bend]]
Location Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
Opening date May 6, 2006
Manufacturer [[Great Coasters International]]
Designer / engineer [[Jeff Pike]]
Track material Wooden
Hourly capacity 24
Propulsion method [[Chain lift]] hill
Height 96
Tallest drop 80.2
Maximum speed 47.3
Length 2827
Inversions 0

Once I've finished filling out the infobox, the article looks like this.

Article text and more templates


Click on the empty space to start typing the article text. I've also added a heading, and a subheading. Now, I'll add the Trains template the same way that I added the infobox. Here's how I filled it out:

Parameter name Content
Trains or cars train
Number of trains 1
Number of cars 12
Riders per row 2
Number of rows 1

This is how our aticle looks with the trains template added. I'm going to add one more template, RCDB, which creates a link to the Kentucky Rumbler page on the Roller Coaster DataBase. This is the easiest template to add, as there's only one parameter: the URL for the RCDB entry.

Parameter name Content

Adding categories


One way to add categories is through the visual editor. Many categories are added automatically, based on the content entered into the infobox template. I'll add a couple more manually by clicking the "hamburger" icon at the top-right of the editor, and selecting "Categories".


I've added two categories: "Great Coasters International", the company who built this roller coaster, and "2006", the year this roller coaster opened. Once inserted, they will appear at the bottom of the article. Category names may be confusing at first, don't worry about them too much.

Adding a citation


Coasterpedia encourages its editors to cite their sources. I've added a sentence on when Kentucky Rumbler was announced using information from an article on Ultimate Rollercoaster. I'm going to cite this article.


Click on "Cite", then "Cite website". Creating a citation is similar to filling out a template.


In the pop-up box, enter some information from the website.

Parameter name Content
Article title Beech Bend Park To Build Twisted Wooden Coaster
Publisher Ultimate Rollercoaster

Finally, I must tell the software where to place the references list. I've created an additional "References" heading and to insert the list, I click "Insert", "More" and then "References list".

Publish the article

My article is pretty short, but I have an infobox, categories and a cited source so I'm going to publish it. Kentucky Rumbler is now published on Coasterpedia!