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Namespaces are a feature built in to the MediaWiki software and are used to organise pages on a wiki.

List of namespaces

Name Prefix Talk prefix Information
(Main) (none) Talk: Pages without a prefix. All articles belong here.
User User: User talk: Contains user and talk pages for every account. For more information, see Help:User pages.
Project Coasterpedia: Coasterpedia talk: Contains articles on policies and other content which facilitates the operation of Coasterpedia. Can also be accessed with the shorthand CP:.
File File: File talk: Contains all media which has been uploaded to Coasterpedia.
MediaWiki MediaWiki: MediaWiki talk: Pages in the MediaWiki namespace control how all users see the site, it can only be changed by administrators.
Template Template: Template talk: Contains templates and their documentation. For more information, see Help:Templates.
Help Help: Help talk: Contains help pages.
Category Category: Category talk: Contains category pages, which are used to organise other pages and articles. For more information, see Help:Categories.
Gadget Gadget: Gadget talk: Used by the Gadget extension.
Special Special: N/A These pages are generated by the MediaWiki software and can't be changed. All special pages are listed at Special:SpecialPages.