Kwansong Tancha (Rungna People's Pleasure Ground)

Roller coaster in North Korea
Kwansong Tancha
Rungna People's Pleasure Ground
Location Pyongyang, North Korea
Coordinates 39°02′39″N 125°46′13″E / 39.044115°N 125.770276°E / 39.044115; 125.770276
Status Operating since 2012
Manufacturer Zamperla
Product Twister Coaster 420STD
Type Steel - Spinning - Wild Mouse
Riders per train 4
Hourly capacity 900
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Area 19 metres × 42 metres
Inversions 0

Kwansong Tancha is a steel wild mouse roller coaster located at Rungna People's Pleasure Ground in Pyongyang, North Korea.


Yellow track and green supports.


1 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 4 across in a single row, for a total of 4 riders per train.

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