Race Thru the Clouds

Race Thru the Clouds
Race thru the clouds.jpg
Venice Pier
Location Venice, California, USA
Showman / operator Prior & Church
Status Defunct
Operated 1911 to 1923
Manufacturer Ingersoll Construction Company
Builder Prior & Church
Designer / calculations John Miller
Type Wooden - Twin - Side Friction
Height 90 feet
Length 4,000 feet

Race Thru the Clouds was a wooden twin roller coaster at Venice Pier in Venice, California that was built in 1911 by Prior and Church and ran through 1923. It was designed by famed coaster designer and builder John Miller and manufactured by Frederick Ingersoll Company.[1] The roller coaster was built, operated, and maintained by Thomas Prior and Frederick Church.[2]


In 1921 a lage refurbishment was undertaken resulting in the addition of steeper drops and larger banked turns.[2][3]


Race Thru the Clouds featured a dual racing track design and maneuvered many twists and turns throughout the course. Both tracks measured 4,000 feet each.[1][2]


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