Roller Coaster (Central Park)

Roller coaster
Roller Coaster
Central Park
Location Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad, Russia
Status Standing but not operating
Operated 2016 to July 2019
VVC Wheel Park
Location Moscow, Moscow, Russia
Operated June 2011 to 2015
Manufacturer Pax Company
Product Formula PAX
Type Steel
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Inversions 0

This article is for a roller coaster at Central Park in Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad, Russia.


The ride opened at VVC Wheel Park in June 2011 on the spot previously occupied by Astropax 18. It operated until the closure of the park in 2015. It reopened at Central Park the following year. In July 2019, the station was destroyed by fire. An investigation was launched, with one possibility being arson.[1][2]



Single cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 4 riders per car.


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