Wilde Maus (Anapa Park Jungle)

Roller coaster in Russia
Wilde Maus
At the VVC Wheel Park
Anapa Park Jungle
Location Anapa, Krasnodar, Russia
Coordinates 44°54′15″N 37°19′25″E / 44.904261°N 37.323640°E / 44.904261; 37.323640
Status Operating
Attrapark (VVC)
Name Wilde Maus
Location Moscow City, Russia
Coordinates 55°49′32″N 37°38′08″E / 55.825694°N 37.635558°E / 55.825694; 37.635558
Operated 2007 or earlier to 2016
Manufacturer Maurer Rides
Product Wild Maus Classic
Type Steel

Wilde Maus is a Steel Sit-down Wild Mouse roller coaster located

at the Anapa Park Jungle.

At the VVC Wheel Park

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