Xolo Loca

Roller coaster in the United States
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Xolo Loca
Casino Pier
Location Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA
Status Operating since August 18, 2021
Height restriction 36 inches (spinning cars, with an adult)
47 inches (spinning cars, unaccompanied)
55 inches (Hamster Wheel cars)
Manufacturer SBF Visa Group
Product Spinning Coasters
Big Air
Type Steel - Semi-Spinning - Hamster Wheel - Kiddie
Track layout Oval
Track inversions 0
Rider inversions 0 (spinning cars)
Variable (Hamster Wheel cars)

Xolo Loca is a steel semi-spinning hamster wheel kiddie roller coaster located at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA.


The addition of Xolo Loca was announced on April 30, 2021.[1] The attraction opened on August 18, 2021, though at that time, the Hamster Wheel cars were not open to the public.[2]


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