A video showing the ArrowBATic concept.

ArrowBATic was a compact inverted roller coaster model offered by Arrow Dynamics in the late 1990s. However, none of these coasters were built due to the bankruptcy of the manufacturer.

No ArrowBATic roller coasters were ever built, however it can be said that the ArrowBATic model is a precedessor to the popular El Loco model built by S&S Worldwide.


The ArrowBATic was based upon the wild mouse roller coasters built by Arrow. There were two versions of the ArrowBATic; called Family and Extreme.


The family version featured tight switchbacks (with 90-degree banked turns), a 900-degree downward helix and two over-banked turns.

The larger version featured a 90-degree drop, 160-degree banked "wave", a dive loop, a stretched-out cobra roll and two barrel rolls.


The ArrowBATic featured eight cars. Each car has two rows. The front row seats two riders whereas the back row seats 3. Instead of closing down over one's shoulders, the restraints would close from either side, connecting via a seatbelt over the stomach.


Family Extreme
Height 96 feet 152 feet
Speed 34 mph 59 mph
Length 1,710 feet 2,484 feet
Footprint 110 feet x 240 feet 190 feet x 330 feet
Duration 80 seconds 85 seconds
Riders/hour 900 900

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