Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster (Mardi Gras)

Powered coaster
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Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster
Mardi Gras
Location Onboard the Mardi Gras
Status Operating since July 31, 2021
Manufacturer Maurer Rides
Product Spike Coaster
Type Steel
Riders per train 2
Hourly capacity 190
Area 275.6 feet × 108.3 feet
Top speed 37.3 mph
Length 721.8 feet
Inversions 0

Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster is a steel powered coaster located on the Mardi Gras, a cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruse Line. This is the first roller coaster to be built on a cruise ship.[1]


A car from this powered coaster was revealed by Maurer at IAAPA 2019.[2] It began operation on July 31, 2021.[3]


The ride occupies an area of 275.6 feet by 108.3 feet feet, has a maximum speed of 37.3 mph and has 721.8 feet of track.[4]

For the Mardi Gras Cruise Ship, the maximum combined height of the cruise ship and the coaster is 187 feet above sea level.


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