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Spike Coaster

Spike Coaster
Introduced 2017
Number built 3
First built Sky Dragster (2017)
Latest built Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster (2021)
 Maurer Rides, Germany

Spike Coaster is a steel roller coaster model line by Maurer AG. The model was formally unveiled at [IAAPA]] 2016, however it did make an appearance at IAAPA 2015 under the name of Bike Coaster. There are currently three installations of this ride type, but a fourth to open in 2022.


Spike Coasters are powered roller coasters with a motor in each car. This motor has a toothed wheel which tethers with teeth on the track in order to control the speed.


Name Park Country Opened Status
Sky Dragster Skyline Park
2017 Operating
Desmo Race Mirabilandia
2019 Operating
Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster Mardi Gras cruise ship N/A 2021 Operating
Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster Carnival Celebration cruise ship N/A 2022 Under Construction
Unknown Nickelodeon Universe Mall of China
2022 Under Construction

Maurer Rides GmbH