Sky Dragster

Powered coaster in Germany
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Sky Dragster
Skyline Park
Location Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, Germany
Status Operating since 6 June 2017
Manufacturer Maurer Rides
Product Spike Coaster
Type Steel - Motorbike
Riders per train 2
Area 20 metres × 100 metres
Height 11.8 metres
Length 271 metres
Inversions 0
G-Force 1.2

Sky Dragster is a steel powered coaster located at Skyline Park in Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, Germany. It is the first installation of a new type of coaster from Maurer Rides called the Spike Coaster.

Each car is powered by a motor, the speed of which can be controlled to an extent by park guests.


The layout includes two airtime hills and two helices.


Sky Dragster has a motor onboard each car which is powered by a hotrail on the track. This motor powers a toothed wheel, which meshes with teeth on the track.[1]


Single cars. Riders are arranged inline in 2 rows, for a total of 2 riders per car.


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