Drop (Luna Park Sunny Beach)

The Drop
Luna Park Sunny Beach
Location Sunny Beach, Burgas, Bulgaria
Status Operating since 2019 or earlier
Funland Hayling Island
Name The Drop
The Jack FM Drop
The Wave 105 Drop
The Sam FM Drop
Location Hayling Island, Hampshire, England, UK
Operated 2004 to 2016
London Trocadero
Name The Pepsi Max Drop (1998-2000)
London's Scream Ride (2000-c.2001-2002)
Location London, England, UK
Operated 13 March 1998 to c.2001-2002
Manufacturer Intamin
Product Giant Drop
Capacity 4 per cycle (originally 8 p/c)

The Drop is a Drop Tower built by Swiss manufacturer Intamin currently located at Luna Park Sunny Beach in Sunny Beach, Burgas, Bulgaria.


In 1996, the London Trocadero was given a complete makeover to coincide with the opening of SegaWorld London. In January 1997, the management of the building announced plans to construct a 125 feet drop tower in the basement of the venue, which would utilizing electro-magnetic brakes and would be the first indoor free-fall ride of its kind in the world.[1] The ride was due to be opened during the summer,[2] but was soon delayed, and would open as "The Pepsi Max Drop", opened on 13 March 1998, after gaining sponsorship from soft drink brand Pepsi Max.

After Pepsi exited out of Trocadero sponsorship and closed the nearby Pepsi IMAX 3D Cinema, and the rebranding of SegaWorld to Funland, the Drop Tower remained in operation under the name of "London's Scream Ride". The ride was soon put up for sale the following year, due to increasing maintenance costs and a lack of profit on Trocadero's behalf.

In 2002, plans were in place with Marshall Hill, the owner of Funland in Hayling Island, Hampshire, to purchase the attraction. However, in February 2003, planning permission was denied by Havant Borough Council.[3] By this point, the ride was already dismantled at the Trocadero.

The ride would soon gain planning permission after an appeal, and the ride opened at Funland in 2004. The ride went under various sponsors, namely radio stations including "Jack FM", "Wave 105" and "Sam FM".

After the 2016 season, the ride was closed off and stood standing but not operating, due to problems resolving around the electronics, and before the 2018 season started, the ride was dismantled and the tower was demolished, as the ride was too uneconomic to repair.

The ride was soon exported to Bulgaria, and reopened at Luna Park Sunny Beach in 2019.


The ride was a drop tower that, unlike any other in the world, featured two cars on top of each other, allowing for eight riders at once. It was supported through a stylized pillar with the Trocadero complex.

After relocating to Funland, the ride became a single-car attraction and was now supported by a large metal tower. The same applies for its installment at Luna Park Sunny Beach.


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