Roller coaster in the United States
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Deggeller Attractions (USA)
Location Travelling
Status Operating since March 2019
Tramore Amusement Park (loan)
Name Speed Loop
Location Tramore, County Waterford, Ireland
Operated 2016 to 2017
Name Speed Loop
Location Travelling
Operated October 2015 to 2018
Funland Hayling Island
Name Klondike Gold Mine
Location Hayling Island, Hampshire, England
Coordinates 50°47′04″N 0°59′13″W / 50.784381°N 0.987083°W / 50.784381; -0.987083
Operated 2005 to September 2015
Replaced Zyclone
Replaced by Runaway Mine Train
Drayton Manor Theme Park
Name Klondike Gold Mine
Location Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
Coordinates 52°36′45″N 1°42′53″W / 52.612367°N 1.714842°W / 52.612367; -1.714842
Park section Action Park
Operated 1984 to 2004
Replaced Jumbo Jet
Replaced by G Force
Manufacturer Pinfari
Product Zyklon ZL42
Type Steel
Riders per train 12
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Area 139.8 feet × 61 feet
Height 36.1 feet
Length 1197.5 feet
Inversions 1

Klondike is a steel roller coaster built by Italian manufacturer Pinfari currently owned & travelled by Deggeller Attractions in the USA.


The roller coaster first operated at Drayton Manor Theme Park, opening in 1984 as the Python Looping Coaster. It was transformed into the Klondike Gold Mine for the 1995 season, and continued to operate in this guise until the end of the 2004 season.

The ride was moved, with its scenery intact, to Funland Hayling Island where it operated from 2005 to 2015. It was then bought by Irish travelling rides operator Euroshow who debuted the ride in October 2015. The ride no longer operated with scenery following its purchase from Funland and operated under the name Speed Loop.

In August 2018, the coaster was acquired by Deggeller Attractions.[1] It debuted at the Rodeo Houston event in March 2019.[2]



The ride is a Zyklon ZL42 with minecart-style trains. It has a single vertical loop.

Color scheme

Red track and white supports. It used to have brown track and supports when under the Klondike Gold Mine name.


Single train with 3 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 12 riders per train.



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