Break Dance (Luna Park Sunny Beach)


Break Dance
Luna Park Sunny Beach
Location Sunny Beach, Burgas, Bulgaria
Status Operating since 2014
Funland Hayling Island
Location Hayling Island, Hampshire, England, UK
Operated March 2003 to 2013
Replaced Twist
Replaced by Cyclone
Location London, England, UK
Operated 2001 to 2002
Manufacturer I.E. Park
Product Breakdance
Capacity 24 per cycle

Break Dance is a Breakdance built by Italian manufacturer I.E. Park currently located at Luna Park Sunny Beach in Sunny Beach, Burgas, Bulgaria.


Following the purchase of the lease of SegaWorld London, Family Leisure refurbished the entire venue as an extension of their existing Funland arcade, adding in new facilities and attractions to broaden the appeal of the centre. The Trocadero purchased a newly-built Breakdance flat ride from I.E. Park and situated it on the third floor of the venue, which formerly housed the "Carnival" level of SegaWorld, alongside a Go-Kart track, Ghost Train and Dodgems.

In September 2002, with management problems and crime rising at the Trocadero, Family Leisure applied planning permission to reduce the size of Funland to only two floors. After the closure of the upper floors, the owners of the Trocadero sold the ride, alongside the existing London's Scream Ride drop tower to Marshall Hill, the owner of Funland Hayling Island in Hampshire.

The ride reopened at its new home in 2003 and lasted at the park for over a decade until 2014 when Funland exported the attraction to Luna Park Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, where the ride has since remained.


At Funland Hayling Island in 2005

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