Ghost Train (Funland London)

Ghost Train
Location London, England, UK
Status Defunct
Operated 2001 to 2002
SegaWorld London
Name Ghost Hunt
Location London, England, UK
Operated September 7, 1996 to Early-2000
Product Tracked Dark Ride
Capacity 2 per car

Ghost Train (formerly Ghost Hunt) is a Tracked Dark Ride built by Sega AM5 located at Funland in London Trocadero, Picadilly Circus, London, England, UK. It was formerly located within SegaWorld London but after its closure and merger with Funland, it was situated there.


Ghost Hunt was one of the many installments of Sega's large-scale attraction Ghost Hunters, combining a traditional Ghost Train ride with augmented reality and shooting elements.

As with the remainder of the SegaWorld attractions, it was retained by Family Leisure, and in 2001, it was reopened as a standard Ghost Train attraction to go alongside the Dodgems and the new additions of a Go-Kart track and a Breakdance flat ride. At the end of 2002, after planning permission was granted to reduce the size of Funland, the Ghost Train was closed and was very likely scrapped afterward.


The ride consists of sixteen ride vehicles with light guns and perspex shields, each seating two guests. As the ride moves, guests use the light guns to shoot CGI ghosts that are showcased on the screens as quickly as possible. The shields also project augmented reality illusions to set the theme of the ride. Defeating the final boss allows a camera inside the ride to take a picture of the riders, which they would be able to take home as souvenirs.

As of now, little, if any information has surfaced about the attraction after SegaWorld became Funland, although it is possible that it likely functioned as a standard theme park Ghost Train.