Nopuko Air Coaster

Roller coaster in the United States
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Nopuko Air Coaster
Lost Island Theme Park
Location Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Park section Udara
Status Operating since June 18, 2022
Rider height 52 inch unaccompanied
Ratanga Junction
Name Cobra
Location Century City, Cape Town, South Africa
Coordinates 33°53′57″S 18°30′29″E / 33.899202°S 18.507979°E / -33.899202; 18.507979
Operated 1998 to May 1, 2018
Manufacturer Vekoma
Product SLC / 765m Standard w/Helix
Designer / calculations Peter Clerx
Type Steel - Inverted
Hourly capacity 1,010 Riders
Propulsion Chain Lift Hill
Height 109.3 feet
Top speed 49.7 mph
Length 2,509.8 feet
Inversions 5
Duration 1:30
Rolling stock
Manufacturer Vekoma (Replaced 2022)
Riders per train 20

Nopuko Air Coaster is a steel inverted roller coaster built by Dutch manufacturer Vekoma currently located at Lost Island Theme Park in Waterloo, Iowa, USA.


Cobra at Ratanga Junction in 2011

Cobra opened in 1998 in Ratanga Junction in South Africa. It closed in 2018.

It is planned to reopen in the Summer of 2022, along with the rest of the park. As of October 2021, the SLC is fully constructed.



Color scheme

Blue track and purple supports. It used to feature yellow track and black supports.


2 trains with 10 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in a single row, for a total of 20 riders per train. As the part of the move from Ratanga Junction to Lost Island Theme Park, it received new trains from Vekoma, replacing the old trains that featured bulky and uncomfortable restraints.

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