Paradise Lake

Amusement park in the United States
Paradise Lake
Salesville, Ohio, USA
Status Defunct
Operated July 1, 1981 to 1982
Owner Phillip S. Fry

Paradise Lake was a short-lived amusement park in Ohio, USA. It was situated south of the junction where Interstate 70 meets Route 513.


Some children's attractions were moved from an amusement park in Pennsylvania called Fantasyland. Originally planned to open on May 22, 1981, the opening was pushed back as the park wasn't ready.[1] Paradise Lake opened to the public on July 1 following a press preview two days before. At this point, much of the park was still not completed and it had not obtained required permits. It had two sections: Western Paradise and Space Paradise. An area called Pirate's Paradise and another called Sports Paradise, which would include a spa and a bowling alley, were planned.[2] Rides included the Space Tornado roller coaster (a Jet Star), a small Ferris Wheel, a monorail, and a Space Shuttle ride from Chance Rides.[3] A kiddie roller coaster was also advertised, but as no mention of this roller coaster was found in articles published after the park opened, it is possible this was never built.[4]

In 1982, a new ferris wheel ride from Italian firm Soli was added. However, some areas of the park were still under construction. The Space Mouse roller coaster was also planned to open, delayed from 1981.[5] It is unclear whether the Space Mouse ever operated.

The park did not reopen for 1983. Its parking lots and entrance building were used by River Country Flea Market.[6]

Past roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Space Mouse Unknown Unknown 1981 - 1982 1982 Unknown
Space Tornado Schwarzkopf Steel June 1, 1981 1982 Unknown


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