Quicksilver Express

Roller coaster in the United States
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Quicksilver Express
Gilroy Gardens
Location Gilroy, California, USA
Status Operating since June 15, 2001
Theme manufacturer R&R Creative Amusement Designs
Manufacturer Morgan
Type Steel - Terrain
Hourly capacity 1,400
Propulsion 2 Chain lift hills
Height 38 feet
Top speed 32 mph
Length 2139 feet
Inversions 0

Quicksilver Express is a Morgan terrain roller coaster located at Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy, California, USA. The coaster was finished in 1995, but the completed parts sat waiting in the Morgan facility until finally being installed in 2000 for the park opening on June 15, 2001.[1]



Ride experience

Once the train exits the station, it makes a left turn and heads up the first chain lift hill, this lift hill ends in a pre-drop. Riders then navigate through a winding section of track, passing some scenery before reaching the second lift. The train then climbs the second chain lift hill, this lift ends in a downwards curve. Riders then travel through some turns down a hill. The train then enters the first tunnel, immediately followed by a helix. The second tunnel follows after the helix. This tunnel is quite small, with only one car of the train able to fit inside at a time. The ride's brakes follow directly after a turn out of the tunnel.

Color scheme

Red track and supports.


5 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows, for a total of 30 riders per train.


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