Panoramic Wheel (Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park)

Panoramic Wheel
Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park
Location Gilroy, California, USA
Status Operating since July 2001
Location USA
M&D's Scotland's Theme Park
Location Motherwell, Scotland, UK
Operated During 1988
Alton Towers
Location Alton, Staffordshire, England
Operated March 1985 to 1986
Trentham Estate
Location Trentham, Staffordshire, England
Operated During 1984
Berger (Germany)
Location Travelling
Operated 1976 to 1983
Manufacturer Zierer
Product Ferris Wheel
Capacity 48 per cycle
Height 48 feet

Panoramic Wheel is a Ferris Wheel built by German manufacturer Zierer currently located at Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy, California, USA.