Monorail (Alton Towers)


Alton Towers
Location Alton, Staffordshire, England
Coordinates 52°59′30″N 1°53′31″W / 52.991562°N 1.892016°W / 52.991562; -1.892016
Status Operating since August 1987
Expo 86
Location Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Operated May 1986 to October 1986
Manufacturer Von Roll
Product Monorail
Capacity 96 per train

Monorail is a Monorail built by Swiss manufacturer Von Roll currently located at Alton Towers in Alton, Staffordshire, England, UK.

The Monorail is situated outwith the park and has two stations. It is used as a means of transportation between the car parks and hotels, and the main park entrance.

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