Roller Coaster (Playland Park, Houston)

Roller coaster in the United States
Roller Coaster
Playland Park
Location Houston, Texas, USA
Status Defunct
Operated August 1941 to 1962 - 1964
Cost $50,000.00
Venice Park
Location Houston, Texas, USA
Operated June 28, 1924 to 1930s
Cost $75,000.00
Builder H.S Smith (relocation)
Type Wooden
Track layout Out and Back
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height 110 feet
Drop 90 feet
Inversions 0

Roller Coaster was a wooden roller coaster located at Playland Park in Houston, Texas, USA. It was formerly located at Venice Park (formerly Luna Park) in the same location as Giant Skyrocket. The roller coaster was damaged by a storm in July, 1943, and rebuilt by the spring of 1944. John Miller died in Playland Park's location in July, 1941, while working on plans for a roller coaster there. It is possible this roller coaster was the intended location, although nothing has been found that says specifically whether he was involved in designing this ride.

Tallest roller coaster
June 28, 1924 - 1932
Preceded by
Giant Coaster
Tallest roller coaster
June 28, 1924 - 1932
Succeeded by
Giant Racer

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