Vortex (Sea World)

Ride in Australia
Sea World
Location Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia
Coordinates 27°57′31″S 153°25′31″E / 27.95867427235°S 153.4252897828°E / -27.95867427235; 153.4252897828
Status Operating since 21 December 2020
Manufacturer HUSS Park Attractions
Product Suspended Top Spin
Capacity 38 riders per cycle

Vortex is a Top Spin located at Sea World in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. It is the first attraction to open in the themed area The New Atlantis, which will also include Leviathan and Trident.[1]


The attraction was announced in May 2019 as part of a €30 million expansion, and was slated to open in December of the same year.[2] However, its opening was delayed, and the attraction debuted a year later on 21 December 2020.[3]


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