Wonderland Sydney

Amusement park in Australia

Wonderland Sydney
Eastern Creek, New South Wales, Australia
Status Defunct
Operated 7 December 1985 to 26 April 2004
Owner Sunway Group
Previous names Australia's Wonderland

Wonderland Sydney was an amusement park in Eastern Creek, New South Wales, Australia. It opened on 7 December 1985 and closed on 26 April 2004.[1] The park was originally known as Australia's Wonderland.


In February 2004, it was announced that Wonderland Sydney would be closing permanently on 26 April 2004.[2]

Closed roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Beastie Unknown Wooden 1985 2002 Scrapped
Bush Beast Taft Attractions Wooden 1985 April 26, 2004 Scrapped
Demon Vekoma Shuttle 1992 April 26, 2004 Relocated to Alabama Adventure

Closed attractions

This list is incomplete, please expand it if you can.
Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Bounty's Revenge Intamin Ranger 1985 2004 Relocated to Sunway Lagoon
Dragon's Flight Zierer Waveswinger 1985 2004 Relocated to Lost World Of Tambun
Galleon's Graveyard Intamin Flying Dutchman 1987 2004 Relocated to Lost World Of Tambun
Wizard's Fury Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve 1985 2002 Scrapped
Zodiac Waagner-Biro Giant Double Wheel 1989 2004 Unknown
Name Manufacturer Type Status
Snowy River Rampage Intamin River Rapids Scrapped
SkyWay Unknown Cableway Scrapped
SkyHawk Vekoma Parachute Tower Relocated To Fly Coaster


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