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Wonderland Eurasia

Wonderland Eurasia

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amusement park
Wonderland Eurasia
Ankara, Ankara, Turkey
Status Operating
Opening March 20, 2019

Wonderland Eurasia is an amusement park in Ankara, Ankara, Turkey. It has the most roller coasters of a newly opened park. It is built on the site of fields and a former zoo.

The park was expected to open in 2014 or 2015, however the opening date had been pushed back several times. It was announced as opening on April 23, 2018, but finally opened on March 20, 2019.

Roller coasters[edit | edit source]

Present (17)[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Altin Madeni Coaster Unknown Family 2019 Under construction
Canavar Dalga Intamin Launched 2019 Under construction
Devin Kileri Zierer Sit-down 2019 Operating
Ejderha Uçuşu Zierer Sit-down 2019 Operating
Girdap Sörfçüler Interpark Sit-down 2019 Under construction
Köpekbalığı Girdabı Unknown Family 2019 Operating
Lav Macerasi I.E. Park Sit-down 2019 Operating
Lightspeed Intamin Sit-down 2019 Operating
Migfer SBF Visa Group Sit-down 2019 Under construction
Misket Coaster Unknown Family 2019 Operating
Mouse Coaster Levent Lunapark Wild Mouse 2019 Under construction
Öksökö Öfkesi Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment Sit-down 2019 Under construction
Power Mouse Coaster Fabbri Wild Mouse 2019 Under construction
Seydi Reis Unknown Wacky Worm 2019 Operating
Uzaya Yolculuk Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment Sit-down 2019 Under construction
Volare Hiz Kizagi Zamperla Flying 2019 Under construction
unknown Zamperla Suspended 2019 Under construction