Apollo 14

Apollo 14
Status Discontinued
Number built 2
Manufacturer Schwarzkopf
Type Chair-O-Plane
Hourly capacity 900
Power consumption 235 kW
Capacity Five sets of four gondolas seating three riders each
Height 24 metres

Apollo 14 was a Schwarzkopf product, of which two were produced.


Initially, both units operated as travelling attractions in Germany, however this was found to be uneconomical. They were both sold to Ponypark in the Netherlands.[1] One unit, called Apollo remains at Ponypark (now called Attractiepark Slagharen). The other subsequently operated at Dreamland Margate, Lightwater Valley and is now standing but not operating at the former Loudoun Castle amusement park.


The ride consisted of a 59.1 foot wide moon surrounded by five pillars. Each pillar has four gondolas. During the ride, each set of gondolas would spin in a motion similar to that of a Ferris Wheel, while moving up the pillar. Both units were eventually converted to chair-o-planes.


The following specifications apply to the original product:[2]

  • Maximum rider height: 36.1 feet
  • Diameter of moon: 59.1 feet
  • Mass: 142 tons