Beast (Playland)


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The Beast
The Beast in 2021
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Status Operating since 2015
Rider height
  • Minimum: 132 cm
  • Maximum: 195.6 cm
Manufacturer KMG
Product XXL
Capacity 20 per cycle
Speed 90 km/h

The Beast is a Frisbee built by Dutch manufacturer KMG currently located at Playland in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It opened as the largest pendulum ride in Canada.[1] It has four rows of five seats, two facing inward and two facing outward.[2] Its arm can swing 120 degrees in each direction and has a swing height of more than 125 feet.[3] The ride has over 5 g-forces.[1]

In July 2017, the PNE temporarily shut down The Beast after a KMG-manufactured Frisbee known as "Fire Ball" broke apart at the Ohio State Fair, leading to one death and seven injuries.[4] The Beast also shut down on August 12, 2019, after the ride malfunctioned, making grinding sounds and spewing oil onto the riders. The ride reopened the same month, after a broken part was replaced.[5]