Bowcraft Playland

Amusement park in the United States

Bowcraft Playland
Scotch Plains, New Jersey, USA
Status Defunct
Operated 1946 to September 30, 2018
Operating season April - October
Slogan A world of fun... especially for kids!
The park in 2009

Bowcraft Playland was an amusement park in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, USA.


The park dates back to 1946, when skiing and archery enthusiast Ted Miller and his wife Isabel Miller opened a ski slope, archery range, and archery store called Bowcraft Park. Over time, the attraction evolved into an amusement park.[1][2] [3]

In 1995, the Miller family sold the park for $2.8 Million USD to Afrim, Shain, Kutim, Sami and Vaide Marke. The Markes later sold the park to VS Realty [4][2]

In 2008, the park switched to a pay once admission.[1]

In 2016, developer ATA purchased the property with plans to build 190 apartments and 10 townhouses.[5] The application was reviewed by the Scotch Planning Board on September 26. Meanwhile park management released a statement saying that despite the planned development, closure was not imminent and that the park would be opening for 2017.[4]

The final day of operation was September 30, 2018. While park management did not confirm the closure, all of the park's rides were listed for sale together and the park's social media accounts were deactivated, however the park's website remains operational as of December 2020.[6][2]

On December 18, 2019, the park was demolished to make way for the new development.[3]

Former coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Crossbow Zierer Sit-Down July 2006 September 30, 2018 Unknown
Dragon Wisdom Rides Kiddie 1998[1] September 30, 2018 Unknown

Former rides

The image features a list of rides for sale by Bowcraft playland featuring the manufacturer of the ride followed by the manufacturer model name and finally the price. The rides were sold by
Flyer listing rides for sale by Bowcraft Playland Amusement Park in 2018 containing Manufacturer and Manufacturer's ride model name. (Click image to enlarge)
Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Galleon Zamperla Pirate Ship Unknown September 30, 2018 Relocated to Alabama Adventure
Frog Hopper S&S-Sansei Technologies September 30, 2018
Helicopters Chance Rides September 30, 2018
Big Trucks SBF Visa Group September 30, 2018
Motorcycle Jump Hampton September 30, 2018
Kiddie Boats Chance Rides September 30, 2018
Balloon Ride Zamperla September 30, 2018
Drop Zone Moser September 30, 2018
Super Slide Fredrickson September 30, 2018
Speedway September 30, 2018
Swinger Zamperla September 30, 2018
Barnstormer Zamperla September 30, 2018
Train Express Chance Rides September 30, 2018
Tilt-a-whirl Sellner September 30, 2018
Bumper Cars September 30, 2018
Muzik Express Bertazzon September 30, 2018
Paratrooper Manco September 30, 2018
Scrambler Eli Bridge September 30, 2018
Merry-Go-Round Allan Herschell Carousel September 30, 2018


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