Canopy Flyer

Roller coaster in Singapore
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Canopy Flyer
Entrance to Canopy Flyer
Universal Studios Singapore
Location Sentosa, Singapore
Coordinates 1°15′14″N 103°49′28″E / 1.2539020°N 103.8243564°E / 1.2539020; 103.8243564
Park section The Lost World
Status Operating since 18 March 2010
Rider height
  • Minimum: 92 cm
  • Min. unaccompanied: 122 cm
Manufacturer Setpoint
Product Swing Thing[1]
Type Steel - Suspended
Riders per train 4
Inversions 0

Canopy Flyer is a steel suspended roller coaster located at Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa, Singapore. The ride was manufactured by Setpoint and opened with the rest of the park on 18 March 2010. It is located within The Lost World and has a Jurassic Park theme. A similar ride named Pteranodon Flyers exists at Universal's Islands of Adventure.


A car on Canopy Flyer

The ride offers a birds-eye view of the Jurassic Park area.[2]

Each car has four floorless seats arranged in two rows facing away from each other. Canopy Flyer is a suspended roller coaster, thus the cars swing outwards on each turn due to lateral g-forces. The Jurassic Park theme music is played in the station and on the lift hill.



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