Dueling Shuttle Catapult Coaster

Dueling Shuttle Catapult Coaster
Batman and Robin The Chiller (Six Flags Great Adventure) 2003 01.jpg
Status In production
Number built 1
First built Batman And Robin: The Chiller (1998)
Manufacturer Premier Rides
Type Steel - Launched - Twin - Shuttle
Propulsion LIM launch

The Dueling Shuttle Catapult Coaster is a steel launched twin shuttle roller coaster product manufactured by Premier Rides. It is a dueling version of the Shuttle Catapult Coaster.


Name Park Location Opened Closed Status
Batman And Robin: The Chiller Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, New Jersey, USA
April 1998 June 2007 Defunct

Other models

The other models are the Shuttle Catapult Coaster and the Catapult Coaster.

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