Shuttle Catapult Coaster

Shuttle Catapult Coaster
Mr. Freeze (Six Flags St. Louis) 2004 01.jpg
Status In production
Number built 3
First built Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast (1998)
Latest built Speed - The Ride (2000)
Manufacturer Premier Rides
Type Steel - Launched - Shuttle
Propulsion LIM launch

The Shuttle Catapult Coaster is a model of steel launched shuttle roller coaster manufactured by Premier Rides.


Name Park Location Opened Status
Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast Six Flags Over Texas
March 24, 1998 Operating
Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast Six Flags St. Louis
April 11, 1998 Operating
Speed - The Ride Nascar Café
April 28, 2000 Closed May 1, 2011, in storage

Other products

The other products are the Catapult Coaster and the Dueling Shuttle Catapult Coaster.