Gold Mine Express (Knightly's Fun Park)

Powered coaster in the United Kingdom
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Gold Mine Express
Knightly's Fun Park
Location Towyn, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
Coordinates 53°18′20″N 3°32′43″W / 53.305647°N 3.545139°W / 53.305647; -3.545139
Status Operating since 2022
Replaced Twin Spiral Dragon Roller Coaster
De Waarbeek (loan)
Location Hengelo, Overijssel, Netherlands
Coordinates 52°14′38″N 6°48′36″E / 52.243795°N 6.809974°E / 52.243795; 6.809974
Operated 2020 to 2021
Replaced Calypso
Replaced by Huyze Pelle
Martin Hendriks (Netherlands)
Location Travelling
Operated 2009 to 2021
Fårup Sommerland
Name Mini-Lynet
Location Blokhus, Nordjylland, Denmark
Coordinates 57°16′08″N 9°39′16″E / 57.268938°N 9.654536°E / 57.268938; 9.654536
Operated 1999 to 2008
Replaced by Snurretræet
Manufacturer CAM Baby Kart
Product Mine Train
Type Steel - Kiddie
Riders per train 14
Area 21 metres × 14 metres
Height 7 metres
Inversions 0

Gold Mine Express is a steel kiddie powered coaster built by Italian manufacturer CAM Baby Kart currently located at Knightly's Fun Park in Towyn, Gwynedd, Wales, UK.


The ride originally opened at Fårup Sommerland in 1999, and was named Humlebien, which is Danish for "Bumblebee". It operated under this name up untill the 2003 season, where the train was rethemed to an engine, and the ride was renamed to Lynet, which is Danish for "Lightning". It was renamed to Mini-Lynet in 2008, its final year of operation, this was due to another ride named Lynet opening at the park. It would eventually be sold to Dutch travelling showman Martin Hendriks. The coaster was replaced with Snurretræet.

Martin traveled the Dutch fairs with the ride, even loaning it to De Waarbeek for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. It replaced the old Calypso here, as a temporary edition untill the Huyze Pelle dark ride could fully take its place in 2022.

Martin sold the ride to Knightly's Fun Park in 2022, where it replaced the Twin Spiral Dragon Roller Coaster.


Colour scheme

Black track and supports. At Fårup Sommerland, the supports were unpainted.


Single train with 4 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, except for the front car which has a single row, for a total of 14 riders per train. The train is designed to resemble an engine.

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