Hoverla (Tsentralʹnyy Park Kulʹtury)

Roller coaster in Ukraine
Tsentralʹnyy Park Kulʹtury
Location Chernihiv, Chernihiv, Ukraine
Coordinates 51°29′54″N 31°19′24″E / 51.498339°N 31.323299°E / 51.498339; 31.323299
Status Operating since 2012
Rider height
  • Minimum: 120 cm
  • Maximum: 200 cm
Manufacturer Analog
Product Hoverla
Type Steel
Hourly capacity 500
Height 14 metres
Top speed 60 km/h
Length 340 metres
Inversions 1
G-Force 5G

Hoverla is a steel roller coaster located at Tsentralʹnyy Park Kulʹtury in Chernihiv, Chernihiv, Ukraine. This roller coaster was manufactured by Analog and opened in 2012.



The ride has a compact layout with a single vertical loop.

Colour Scheme

The ride has yellow track and light blue supports, the colors of the Ukranian flag.

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