Kaleidoscope (Seabreeze)

Ride in the United States

Formerly called The Subway; The Old Mill
Seabreeze Amusement Park
Location Rochester, New York
Status Defunct
Operated 1920 to 1982
Manufacturer Miller & Baker
Builder Miller & Baker

Kaleidoscope was a custom built dark ride at Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, New York, USA that was originally built as The Old Mill by Miller & Baker in 1920. The ride was later converted into The Subway in 1941, and finally Kaleidoscope in 1970 before its full closure in 1982.[1][2]

The Old Mill

The Old Mill featured a a quarter mile long water trough that carried patrons in boat ride vehicles along an enclosed dark ride. In 1927, the ride suffered major fire damage and was reconstructed, continuing as "The Old Mill". The ride frequently dealt with increasing downtime due to leaks, prompting the park to renovate and retheme it in 1941.[1]

The Subway

In 1941, Seabreeze decided to completely retheme and renovate The Old Mill to create an all new attraction called "The Subway". To create this in house designed darkride, the water filled trough of the Old Mill was emptied and a track was laid in inside. A train of riders would race through the trough in the dark at high speeds to create a thrilling and unique experience. The ride vehicles would match the ingenuity of the ride, converting the cars of the former Greyhound roller coaster. The cars were pulled through the trough by a converted Ford Model A car.[1]


In 1970, The Subway was converted into Kaleidoscope. For this conversion, lighting and other special effects were added to the dark tunnels to create what was heralded as a "Psychedelic light show". The ride operated under this name until 1982.[1][2]


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