Virginia Reel (Seabreeze Amusement Park)

Roller coaster in the United States
Virginia Reel
Seabreeze Amusement Park
Location Rochester, New York, USA
Status Defunct
Operated 1921 to October 5, 1930
Cost $45,000
Product Virginia Reel
Builder Arnold Neble, Charles Walker, George Long Jr.
Designer / calculations Henry Riehl
Onsite construction C.M. Walker
Type Wooden

The Virginia Reel, later renamed the Jack and Jill, was a Virginia Reel style attraction at Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, New York, USA.[1][2]



In 1921, Henry Riehl of Coney Island, the original inventor of the Virginia Reel ride concept, designed and developed a custom model of the Virginia Reel attraction for Seabreeze. Arnold Neble, Charles Walker, and George Long Jr. oversaw the construction of the ride at the park. When all was said and finished, the coaster featured a total of six switchbacks and a grand finale helix. The total cost of the ride in 1921 was $45,000.00 USD. Adjusted for inflation in 2020 the total cost comes out to $654,335.20 USD[1][2][3]

Jack and Jill

In 1928, "The Reel" as it was often shortened known (informally) by guests, underwent a large renovation. However, no plans or drafts of the work were ever left following the project. Some reported the ride to have been reduced in intensity, while others claimed it increased the intensity. The overall, structure and view of the ride never changed. At this time, the ride was renamed to "The Jack and Jill".[1]

The Fire of October 5, 1930

On October 5, 1930 a fire was ignited in a Skee Ball stand. The fire quickly grew out of hand destroying the stand, a walk through attraction known as the Cave of the Winds (Not to be confused with the Niagara Falls attraction), a dodgems ride, and the Jack and Jill. The Greyhound rollercoaster was damaged, but not destroyed.[1]

Gone But Not Forgotten

Despite the devastating fires, a few pieces of the Virginia Reel, and later Jack and Jill, were salvaged. A series of large glass lanterns were later utilized to provide lighting throughout the Dreamland Garden Golf attraction until its removal in the 1980's. Today, nearly 100 years later, the lanterns continue to be a presence in the park as they adorn the park's scenic railroad train station.[1]



The classic Virginia Reel coaster featured six switchbacks and a grand finale helix. The ride vehicles were round "tubs".



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