Milky Way

Milky Way
Location Arao, Kumamoto, Japan
Status Operating since 1991
Manufacturer Togo
Builder Senyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Type Steel - Twin - Stand-Up
Riders per train 24
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height 125 feet
Length 2624.7 feet
Duration 1:22

Milky Way is a Togo twin stand-up and sit-down roller coaster located at Greenland at Arao, Kumamoto, Japan. Milky Way opened in 1991 as 'Ultra Twin'. Later at an unspecified time, it was renamed again to 'Fujin-Raijin'. In 2007, the ride was renamed to its current name.


Milky Way is a racing roller coaster. One side is pink, the other blue. The ride contains no inversions.


Originally when it opened, both trains were stand up. However, since then, one side became a sit-down. Thus, rider's have the option of standing up or sitting down.