Stand-Up roller coaster

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Description Riders are restrained while standing up. King Cobra at Kings Island is shown above.
Manufacturers Bolliger & Mabillard - Intamin - Togo
First Installation Dangai (1982)
Oldest in Operation Standing Coaster (1985)
Newest Installation Freestyle (2015) (incl. relocations)

Georgia Scorcher (1999) (excl. relocations)

In operation 15
Shockwave at Kings Dominion

A stand-up roller coaster features trains with cars that are ridden in a standing position. These rides often carry a higher height restriction than most roller coasters, as the restraints can be adjusted vertically to accommodate different rider heights. The first stand-up coaster was invented by Togo.

While popular in the 1980s and 90s, stand-up roller coasters have since fallen out of fashion, with many being either removed or converted to floorless roller coasters during the 2010s.

The type was revised with Pipeline the Surf Coaster, opened in 2023.

Notable stand-up roller coasters

  • Dangai - The oldest ride of this type. It opened in 1982.
  • Shockwave - The only ride of this type manufactured by Intamin that is still in operation (as of 2019), as well as being the only stand-up roller coaster to include a zero-g roll. It opened in 1994.
  • Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster - The oldest operating ride of this type. It opened in 1979 as a sit-down roller coaster, but was changed to stand-up in 1982; one day after the opening of Dangai.
  • The Riddler's Revenge - The tallest, fastest, and longest stand-up roller coaster in the world. It also features the most inversions, with six.

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