Togo Logo.png
Founded 1935
Roller Coasters Built 60
Ceased operation 2001
Status Defunct

TOGO was a Japanese roller coaster manufacturer known for inventing the stand-up roller coaster. TOGO was infamous for their rough, sometimes even painful rides. TOGO filed for bankruptcy in 2001 due to a lawsuit by Knott's Berry Farm for their problems with Windjammer Surf Racers, a looping Wild Mouse coaster, which prompted their closure. TOGO is also credited with creating the first working pipeline roller coaster. TOGO created several unique coasters, including its inverting roller coaster Manhattan Express (now known as The Big Apple Coaster) in Las Vegas, USA, which combined large drops and inversions. Their looping Wild Mouse roller coaster was a ride style with a drop into a vertical loop, followed by the hairpin turns and drops of a traditional Wild Mouse.

TOGO is also renowned for inventing the Twist-and-Dive roll, an inversion. A variation of this maneuver included half of an inclined loop instead of a half-loop, so the element's end is at an angle. The inclined loop was used on the now-defunct Viper at Six Flags Great Adventure.


TOGO's first roller coaster was at Hanayashiki Amusement Park in Japan, named Roller Coaster.