SpeedSnake FREE

Roller coaster
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SpeedSnake FREE
Speed Snake (Fort Fun Abenteuerland) 2012 01.jpg
SpeedSnake in 2012.
Fort Fun Abenteuerland
Location Wasserfall, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Coordinates 51°18′50″N 8°26′22″E / 51.313933°N 8.439580°E / 51.313933; 8.439580
Park section Rivervalley
Status Operating since June 1981
Rider height
  • Minimum: 130 cm
  • Min. unaccompanied: 140 cm
Manufacturer Vekoma
Product MK-1200 Whirlwind
Type Steel
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height 19.5 metres
Top speed 60 km/h
Length 350 metres
Inversions 2
Duration 1:00
Rolling stock
Manufacturer Sunkid GmbH (2017-present)
Vekoma (2010-2017)
Arrow Dynamics (1981-2009)
Riders per train 28

SpeedSnake Free is a steel roller coaster located at Fort Fun Abenteuerland in Wasserfall, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


The roller coaster first opened in June 1981 and was called Whirlwind. In 2010, the original train from Arrow Dynamics was replaced with a Vekoma-built train which previously operated on the Boomerang at Prater.[1] The name was changed to Speed Snake.

The ride was retracked in 2014, this renovation was carried out by Vekoma and local company Essfeld. Parts of the rails were disconnected from the track and reworked in order to remove bumps and dents, before being welded back on their original location.[2] In 2017, the train was replaced with a new one built by Sunkid Heege GmbH. The ride was renamed SpeedSnake FREE, referring to the new trains with lap bar restraints.



The ride has a curved first drop and two individual corkscrew inversions. The station has a bend in the middle.

Colour scheme

Black track and green supports. The ride originally opened with white track and green supports.


Single train with 7 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 28 riders per train. The trains have lap-bar restraints. The older rolling stock used over-the-shoulder harnesses.



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