Ultra Twister (Tokyo Dome City)

Roller coaster in Japan
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Ultra Twister
Tokyo Dome City
Location Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan
Park section Parachute Land
Status Defunct
Operated 20 December 1986 to 15 September 1997
Replaced by Linear Gale
Manufacturer Togo
Product Ultratwister
Type Steel - Pipeline
Propulsion Vertical chain lift hill
Height 36 metres
Top speed 68.5 km/h
Length 389 metres
Inversions 3
Drop angle 85°
Duration 2:00

Ultra Twister was a steel pipeline roller coaster located at Tokyo Dome City in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan.




Single car trains. Riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows for a total of 6 riders per car.

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