Boomerang (Elitch Gardens)

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Boomerang (Elitch Gardens) 2009 01.jpg
Elitch Gardens
Location Denver, Colorado, USA
Status Operating since April 30, 1999
Manufacturer Vekoma
Type Steel - Shuttle
Product Boomerang
Riders per train 28
Hourly capacity 760
Area 288.8 feet × 98.4 feet
Height 116.4 feet
Top speed 47 mph
Length 935 feet
Track inversions 3
Rider inversions 6
Duration 1:48
G-Force 5.2

Boomerang is a steel shuttle roller coaster located at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado, USA. It is a Boomerang installation from Vekoma and was opened on April 30, 1999.




Boomerang has three physical inversions: a cobra roll, and a vertical loop. The train travels through these both forward and backward and thus riders are inverted six times.

Color scheme

Yellow track and purple supports.


7 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 4 riders per car.

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