De Valkenier

Amusement park in the Netherlands

Pretpark de Valkenier
Valkenburg, Limburg, Netherlands
Status Defunct
Operated 1932 to July 2021
Owner A. Otermans
Operating season April-October
Previous names Ontspanningsoord Natuurbad Valkenburg

Pretpark de Valkenier was an amusement park located in Valkenburg, Limburg, the Netherlands. The park focused on families with young children.


The park was opened in 1934 as Ontspanningsoord Natuurbad Valkenburg by Jan Albert Otermans, with a playground, restaurant and an outdoor swimming pool. Through the years attractions were added which lead to a new name: Pretpark de Valkenier.


Pretpark de Valkenier is located in Valkenburg, and thus is surrounded by housing. This has lead to problems when expanding the park, and is the reason why the attractions are built close to each other.

Early 2021 the park managers said they were considering closing the park, as they couldn't expand and needed a lot more visitors in order to invest in a new location.[1]


In July 2021 a large flood in parts of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands hit the park and left rides and electrical systems damaged. This, together with possibly contaminated sludge, meant that the park couldn't open after measurements against COVID-19 were eased up.[2]

Past roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Green Snake Zierer Family 1981 July 2021 Scrapped
Krummel Güven Amusement Rides Factory Family May 25, 2019 July 2021 Relocated to De Waarbeek

Closed attractions

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Airwolf Helicopters Zierer Cycle Monorail 2001 2021 Standing but not operating
Cobra Waterglijbaan Van Egdom Dinghy Waterslides 2000 2021 Standing but not operating
Dancing Queen De Boer Paratrooper 2005 2018 Scrapped
Maanraket Robin G. Mitchell Simulator 1981 2018 Unknown
Reuzenrad Unknown Ferris Wheel 1981 or earlier 2021 Standing but not operating
Rudi Zamperla Junior Drop Tower 2017 2021 Standing but not operating
Safaririt Ihle Track Ride Unknown 2021 Standing but not operating
Spookkasteel Unknown Tracked Dark Ride Unknown 2021 Standing but not operating
Surfing Sobema Matterhorn 2015 2021 Standing but not operating