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Fire In The Hole

Fire In The Hole

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roller coaster
Fire In The Hole
Silver Dollar City
Location Branson, Missouri, USA
Status Operating since 1972
Type Steel - Enclosed

Fire In The Hole is a steel indoor roller coaster located at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, USA. The ride has a long electrically powered incline through several different animatronic scenes. This is then followed by a series of three drops with powered sections in between. While the powered sections are typical of a powered roller coaster and/or dark ride, it is three drops that allow this ride to be considered a roller coaster. Fire In The Hole was the first roller coaster in Silver Dollar City.

At some point the ride was shortened.

Incident[edit | edit source]

During July 1980, 23-year old James Frederick Polley was killed after being struck in the head when the train was being switched into the service area. Other passengers experienced minor injuries.[1]

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