Leofoo Village Theme Park

Amusement park in Taiwan

Leofoo Village Theme Park
Guanxi, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Status Operating
Opened 10 August 1979
Owner Luk Fook Development Co
Previous names Leofoo Wildlife Park
Website https://www.leofoovillage.com.tw/

Leofoo Village Theme Park is an amusement park in Guanxi, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Roller coasters


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Little Rattler Vekoma Family 1994 Operating
Sahara Twist Intamin Spinning 2002 Operating
Screaming Condor Intamin Impulse Coaster 2001 Operating



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Alibaba and the Forty Thieves Unknown Gallopers 1999
Big Raging God Intamin Drop Tower 1998
Canoe Morgan Scenic Boat Ride 1995
Drunken Wine Barrel Zamperla Teacups 1994
Flying Horse Unknown Monorail 1979
Giant Sea Monster BEAR Sea Storm 1998
Grand Canyon Rapid Rafting Intamin River Rapids 1994
Great Pirate Intamin Pirate Ship 1995
Toucan Intamin Junior Jets 1997
Magic Carpet Zierer Flying Carpet 1980
Monkey Brings Good Luck Senyo Kogyo Co. Cycle Monorail 2011 or earlier
Old Oil Well Fabbri Ranger 2008
Rock and Roll Steam Boat Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2007
Steam Train Severn Lamb Miniature Railway 2005
Tsunami SBF Visa Group Super Loop 2005
Wheel of Wind and Fire Larson International Super Loop 1999
Volcano Adventure Intamin Log Flume 1995


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Sultan's Great Adventure Intamin Tracked Dark Ride 2000 2015 or later SBNO