Soaring Timbers


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Soaring Timbers
Canada's Wonderland
Location Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Status Operating since 2017
Height restriction 54 inches
Lainez (Belgium)
Location Travelling
Operated 2014 to 2015
Boiseau (France)
Location Travelling
Operated 2005 to 2013
Rosai (Germany)
Location Travelling
Operated 1999 to 2004
Kaiser (Germany)
Location Travelling
Operated 1995 to 1998
Manufacturer Mondial
Product Inferno
Capacity 38 per cycle
Area 20 feet × 23 feet
Height 22 feet

Soaring Timbers is an Inferno built by Dutch manufacturer Mondial currently located at Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.


In August 2016, Canada's Wonderland announced the addition of Soaring Timbers and Muskoka Plunge.[1]


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