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Toboggan (Conneaut Lake Park)

Roller coaster
Toboggan (Conneaut Lake Park) 01.jpg
The roller coaster standing but not operating in 2012
Conneaut Lake Park
Location Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA
Status In storage
Operated 2002 to 2006
Manufacturer Chance Rides
Product Toboggan
Type Steel
Riders per train 1
Propulsion Vertical chain lift hill
Inversions 0

Toboggan is a steel roller coaster located at Conneaut Lake Park in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA. The ride operated from 2002 to 2006, after which it was left standing but not operating. It was taken down after the 2014 season and placed in storage outside.

The ride was purchased by Conneaut Lake Park from someone in Texas.



Single cars. Riders are arranged inline in a single row, for a total of 1 riders per car.

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