Toboggan (product)

Swiss Toboggan at Little Amerricka
Status Discontinued
Manufacturer Chance Rides
Type Steel
Propulsion Vertical chain lift hill
Area 78 feet × 25 feet
Power consumption aprox. 30kW
Height 55 feet
Length 450 feet
Inversions 0

The Toboggan was a product from Chance Rides. Many were built around the 1970s, only a handful still operate today.


The Toboggan is a transportable roller coaster, though it also operated in many amusement parks. It is 55 feet tall and 450 feet long.[1]

Ride experience

The ride began with a vertical lift hill within the tower. This is followed by a downward helix around the tower, during which the train circles the tower six times. A series of small drops and hills takes the car back to the station.


The cars are enclosed and can seat two adults or three children in a single row.

Roller coasters

Due to the number of Toboggan roller coasters produced and the similarity of all produced, tracking each individual coaster is very difficult. Some of the entries in this list may actually be the same unit operating in different locations.



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