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Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster

40x This article is about a roller coaster or amusement park that is yet to open.
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roller coaster
Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster
SeaWorld San Antonio
Location San Antonio, Texas, United States
Status Under construction, planned to open 2017
Manufacturer Intamin
Type Steel - Launched
Model / product Family Launched Coaster
Propulsion Two launches
Height61 feet
Top speed44 mph
Length2,600 feet
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Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster is asteel roller coaster currently under construction at SeaWorld San Antonio in 2017.


The ride is designed to recreate the experience of an animal rescue. It contains two launches and uses Intamin's jetski seating arrangement, similar to Jet Rescue at Sea World in Australia.


The front-car was revealed at IAAPA in 2016.