Catwoman Whip (Six Flags St. Louis)

Watch the on-ride POV
Catwoman Whip
Six Flags St. Louis
Location Eureka, Missouri, USA
Status Operating since May 28, 2022
Rider height 50 inch minimum
Replaced Superman: Tower of Power
Manufacturer Funtime
Height 164 feet

Catwoman Whip is a Booster located at Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri, USA.[1]


The addition of Catwoman Whip was announced on August 29, 2019.[2] The ride was originally set to open in 2020 in place of the park's go-kart attraction, but it was delayed two years and instead built on the former location of Superman: Tower of Power.

Catwoman Whip opened on May 28, 2022.[3]



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